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Timetabling Solutions

James Henderson

Director of Daily Operations - Bialik College

I have been using it since the beginning of the term and I find the updated features absolutely outstanding. The presentation is much improved along with the functionality of many items, particularly in DO. The new method to enter calendar items and the absent teacher display are excellent. Also in SO and TT files the changes are in many cases subtle but the improvement significant.

Construct, manage and publish your timetable


Create up to 3 user defined fields, mass email individual student timetables using Outlook

Unparalleled Auto function assigns options to students in seconds

Up to nine sub-grids so that courses for different terms (or semesters) can be planned together

Create the grid automatically, manually or a combination of both

The Student Options module is used when students are offered a choice in their course of study and you are required to assign options to students based on their nominated preferences. This module can also be used just to enter student details to obtain course lists and individual student timetables.

Student Options


Extensive Reporting and Exporting Capabilities

Multi Campuses, Auto Staffing, Auto Yard Duties

Amazing Blocking Pattern, Lookahead Test and Auto Allocate functions

Chosen by Professional Timetablers

This module is the keystone of Timetabling Solutions Version 9.  Its numerous exclusive features assist you in the preparation, planning and construction of your timetable.  It allows you to make allocations interactively or automatically and addresses any curriculum, specific constraints and easily manages multi campuses.  It identifies problems and suggests possible solutions with features such as Clash Matrix and Look Ahead Test.  Editing tools allow you to make changes easily, including features to show teacher, room and seating availability.  The module manages yard duty automatically and allows user defined load weightings to one decimal place.

Timetable Development


Fully hosted on Microsoft Azure, the web version has the V9 equivalent functionality Current clients click here to register

Extensive Calendar Activities

Reads Published Timetables allowing users to plan ahead

Ranks Suitable Replacements

Gauge Teacher Requirements

5 user accounts, multi user

The Web Daily Organiser module is designed to assist in the management of daily administrative tasks such as selecting replacement teachers to cover teacher absences, lesson cancellations, student absences, student excursions and changes to student attendance at lessons. The daily amendments can be viewed through Daily Reports and the Staff Access Module.

Daily Organiser

Publish Timetable Information

Fully hosted cloud applications Daily Reports, and Staff Access Portals display read-only timetable information, including changes, activities and the bulletin

Note: General Access and TimetableFind will not be upgraded beyond Version 9
They will remain available to download and use throughout 2023 & 2024 'as is'


Staff Access Portal

  • Included with your subscription to web Daily Organiser

  • Allows the individual to view their Timetable, class list, upcoming changes and view the Bulletin (Global Administrator determines how far in advance to display replacements and if the Bulletin is included).  

  • For users that need to view all timetables for all staff, students and rooms, we recommend Daily Reports

* Note: My Documents folder will need to be located on the local machine for installation.

Web suite applications supported on Chrome, Firefox and Safari fully hosted by Timetabling Solutions using Microsoft Azure (note:  We don't support any beta versions of these browsers or alternative open source builds of them)

V9 users: If using a Proxy Server, you will need to By-Pass a number of urls, see article contact support for details

Date settings to be set to Australian (short date style, dd/mm/yyyy)

A keyboard, mouse or compatible pointing device

Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024, we recommend wide screens with 1920 x 1080

Minimum 8 Gigabytes (GB) of RAM

Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 with Microsoft Office 2016, Office 365 (Outlook New not supported)

Timetabling Solutions V9 & V10

System Requirements

Easy to use and flexible import wizards are available across all modules from csv, xlsx, txt and previous Timetabling Solutions file formats.

Over 50 pre-configured exports for popular systems already exist and users can create their own export files for any of the data fields in a simple text format, with or without inverted commas. The delimiter may be comma, tab or pipe.

SIF and LISS integrations are available with compatible systems.

Importing & Exporting

Access to the Staff Access Portal that displays your personal timetable, class lists, activities, changes and the school bulletin (requires Daily Organiser)

Access to Timetabling Learning Resources

Unlimited installations of Timetabling Solutions V10

Software upgrades and updates

Direct access to expert technical support covering installation, error reporting and bug fixes

The 12 month Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) ensures you have access to our timetabling experts to quickly resolve any technical or installation issues with your software.

Included with your initial purchase, the SMA is a subscription based product that can be renewed annually and entitles you to:

Backed by a Comprehensive Software Maintenance Agreement


Looking for pricing information, free trial or ready to order?

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