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Web Preferences

Collect student subject selections online, your students and parents will love you for it

Web Preferences Manager application icon

The Submit order is recorded in Timetabling Solutions allowing you to create the grid based on selection order

Works directly with Timetabling Solutions or Excel if you use an alternate timetabling package

Cloud Native

Single Sign On options include Google (Open ID Connect), SAML and Simple SSO

Mobile friendly student portal for any smart phone

Your data is encrypted at rest, when it is stored on our servers, and encrypted when we transfer it between data centres for backup and replication

Fully hosted on Microsoft Azure (Australia), nothing for you to install or maintain

Cloud Native

Faster, Better, Smarter


Option to require Parent/Caregiver to confirm submitted Preferences

Parent/Caregiver Approvals

Create advanced curriculum rules such as Prerequisites, Corequisites, Restrictions and define Subject Areas

Curriculum Rules

Maximise your time by minimising repetitive tasks. Create schedules for setting groups online/offline, emailing reports and mass emailing students

Scheduled Tasks

Web Preferences Manager


Generate a wide range of reports showing who has not submitted, who has submitted and how many times including what they have submitted

Reports on how many students have requested a particular subject allows the administrator to view trends in what is popular, in real time

Generate a wide range of reports

60 minute demonstration/tutorial available with initial purchase

Full access to the Web Preferences Manager application to build your own student portals

With each subscription you get:

Web Preferences is a fully hosted web application available via a simple annual subscription fee from AUD$1,099


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