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We've moved our secure content, and your sign-in details for this site no longer apply.

Links on our company website will now redirect you to the Management Portal on our applications website:

For those currently using the V10 desktop application, Web Daily Organiser, Staffing, Course Manager or the Admin Console, your existing sign-in details used with those apps will seamlessly grant you access to the Support content on

Once signed in, the Management Portal will provide the following;


1.  Timetabling Solutions V10 Product Page with the link to download V10.

2.  Timetabling Solutions V9 Product Page with the link to download V9 and your V9 Licence file.

3.  Task 1, Manage Users, allows Global Administrators and User Administrators to add/edit/delete users.

To enrol in a Training Course, participants must be entered as users on Task 1, Manage Users.

4.  Help & Support section will provide access to the Learning Materials.

If you are uncertain that you have an account:
Enter your school email address at It will send you an email with details on recovering your account.  You will not be sent an email if you do not have an account, in that case, please ask your administrator at your school to create a user account for you.


Timetabling Solutions is the premier source for timetabling services worldwide.

We can analyse your school's requirements and recommend a curriculum model. We can analyse your current timetable and make recommendations as to how to achieve more constraints or use the functions of the program differently to improve your timetable.

Consultations are available on any timetabling matter.

In light of the global coronavirus pandemic and in the interests of the health and safety of our clients and our people, consultations are available online and in person.

Many of our people have been working remotely for many years utilising technologies that are secure and robust.

We know the method works and are confident of being able to provide the service efficiently and effectively.

Timetable Construction Services

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