Self Study

Self Study

The lesson manuals and training data used in the instructor led Training Courses are available for purchase. The detailed lessons are provided with data so that you can practise the skills developed in each lesson at your own pace.  You may start the lessons again and again.



Unlimited use by teachers employed by a school that has a licence for our Timetabling software.


Overview Course

The Overview Courses contain introductory lessons and data related to these courses:


  • Student Options 

  • Timetable Development

  • Daily Organiser 



AUD$315.00 (exclusive of GST)


Upcoming Courses


Saxons Training Facility
L8 500 Collins St Melbourne
30 Apr 2019: Student Options
1 & 2 May 2019: Timetable Development
3 May 2019: 
Daily Organiser
Saxons Training Facility
L10 10 Barrack St Sydney
21 May 2019: Student Options
22 & 23 May 2019: Timetable Development
24 May 2019: 
Daily Organiser
Saxons Training Facility
L11 300 Adelaide St Brisbane
28 May 2019: Student Options
29 & 30 May 2019: Timetable Development
31 May 2019: 
Daily Organiser
ETC Training Facility
L5 38 Gawler Pl Adelaide
4 Jun 2019: Student Options
5 & 6 Jun 2019: Timetable Development
7 Jun 2019: 
Daily Organiser