Timetabling Solutions produces a suite of products to assist schools in the complex task of planning, developing, publishing and managing their educational program.

Version 9 forms the basis of all our timetabling services.  Schools can purchase the software with confidence knowing it is managed and supported by professional timetablers

Timetabling Solutions Version 9

Version 9 sets a new standard for performance and reliability.  If you demand the most from your timetabling software, this version of The Timetabler was designed for you. There are three main modules: Student Options, Timetable Development and Daily Organiser, plus the multi-user modules General Access and/or TimetableFind for publishing timetables, bulletins and student lists. 

A 12 month Software Maintenance Agreement comes with every purchase of our Timetabling software.

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General Access

General Access

General Access is an add-on multi-user module for The Timetabler that gives network wide access to individual teacher, room and student timetables, student lists, student activities and school bulletins.  Student and teacher photos can also be displayed allowing you to see exactly who is in a particular class.

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Web Preferences

Web Preferences

Web Preferences is a fully hosted web based application that allows students to submit their subject selections online, removing the burden of having to enter student preferences into The Timetabler manually.

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