Network access to individual teacher, room and student timetables, student lists, student activities and school bulletins. Students’ and teachers’ photos can also be displayed.
The TimetableFind and General Access modules are included in the purchase price of Timetabling Solutions.


  • General Access is installed with Version 9
  • TimetableFind is a native Apple MAC application (download and drag the dmg file to your dock)
  • Publish read only timetabling information
  • Communicate timetable changes instantly
  • Publish student class information including those attending special activities for any given day
  • Generate class rolls - by roll class, house, year level, home group, gender or any combination
  • Publish teacher and message bulletins
  • Seamless integration with Version 9

Note:  General Access and TimetableFind will not be upgraded beyond Version 9. 
They will remain available to download and use throughout 2021 'as is'.
Fully hosted web applications called Daily Reports and Staff & Student Portals will be available with Version 10 expected to be available later in 2021  

Download TimetableFind