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  • Dedicated Environment

Dedicated Environment

PriceFrom $1,250.00

Timetabling Solutions cloud applications are hosted by us, using Microsoft Azure.

This means the applications you log in to are running on machines not located at your school but in a facility in South East Australia.

The fee you pay to use our applications incorporates the fees Microsoft charges us to use their service.

Timetabling Solutions currently provides 2 options to cater for its clients' varying needs and priorities.

Our most cost-effective plan is applied to all schools by default

  • Your data is in an environment that includes other clients.  The resources are shared, spreading the cost across many clients, under heavy usage, your access may slow
  • This plan will create queues when processing your integrations and exporting your data
  • A typical LISS integration (directly sending a timetable and daily changes to a Student Admin System) may take up to  20 minutes per send to complete.
  • We assign this plan by default, as not all schools export data or use the integration service.
  • Price is determined by the size of your school, starting from AUD1,995 pa for schools with fewer than 500 students

Our premium plan is called a Dedicated Environment, 12-month term, additional fees apply

  • Designed to provide total isolation, control and security
  • Only your data and only your users access our applications, providing uncontested access and no queues
  • Updates and upgrades from time to time require maintenance outages, you can set preferences of the day/time for them to occur
  • Uses a subdomain to access ie your users would log in with the address https://[school abbreviated name]
  • Your existing users and data can be exported from the existing cloud and imported in your new dedicated environment
  • Your settings on Task 5 in the Management Portal (SSO and Email Server) would need to be re-entered
  • Any user logs (Task 8 in the Management Portal ) would not be transferable
  • Includes all our cloud apps, Course Manager, Daily Organiser, Daily Reports, Staffing, Staff Access Portal, Student Access Portal

Dedicated Environment Pricing
Microsoft Azure charges have a component based on usage, the heavier the usage, the more it costs.

Timetabling Solutions intention is to pass on the costs, not to profit from providing Dedicated Environments.

Small:  AUD$1,250 per month
Medium:  AUD$1750 per month (recommended: suits the majority of schools)
Large:  AUD$3,500 per month

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