At Timetabling Solutions we offer a variety of training options to meet your particular needs. The following options are available:


Course Information

We offer a range of public, instructor led courses in several locations across Australia.  At Timetabling Solutions Training Courses, the emphasis is on hands on learning. Each Training Course includes a comprehensive training manual with sample data.  Course materials are enhanced and updated on a regular basis and correspond with the current product version. Our Training centres provide one computer per participant with viewing screen between participants.


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Private Training/Consultations

If you are unable to attend a scheduled course, have a number of staff you would like to become proficient in how to use our software or if you think you have a situation unique to your school, a Private Training session/Consultation may be arranged either at our Geelong office or on-site at your school. Call our office on +61 3 5228 3700 to discuss your needs in detail.


Self Study Courses

Our high-quality training course materials included in each instructor-led training course are also available for purchase.  You will receive a hard copy of the lesson manual/s plus electronic data via download. Note: For schools with a current Software Maintenance Agreement, the Lessons (without the data) are available free to download in pdf format from the Support section of our website. 

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Online Training

The Support section of our website provides Timetablers with access to various timetabling resources and to the Classmates forum to establish networks with other Timetablers.  Our Lesson Library and eTrainer courses are two of the resources available to schools with a current Software Maintenance Agreement.  To view the available resources on the Support Page of our website click here…


Phone Tutorials

Do you have a particular problem and need assistance immediately?  Assistance is available by phone on any timetabling matter.  Clients can email their data so that our fully trained Consultants can quickly identify the area of need and assist you in using the functions while under instruction. For support call +61 3 5228 3700.

Please note. We endeavour to assist clients immediately where possible. However, during our busy season clients may need to call in advance to book in a time to speak to a consultant. Assistance with installation and technical issues is covered under the Software Maintenance Agreement. Calls covering how to use our software are deducted from your "Software Support Agreement" or for those who elect to "pay as you go" at the rate' of AUD$60 for the first fifteen minutes or part thereof, then AUD$20 per 5 minutes or part thereof. Prices exclude GST. 

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Upcoming Courses


Saxons Training Facility
L11 300 Adelaide St Brisbane
6 Aug 2019: Student Options
7 & 8 Aug 2019: Timetable Development
9 Aug 2019: 
Daily Organiser

ETC Training Facility
L5 38 Gawler Pl Adelaide
13 Aug 2019: Student Options
14 & 15 Aug 2019: Timetable Development
16 Aug 2019: 
Daily Organiser

Saxons Training Facility
L10 10 Barrack St Sydney
20 Aug 2019: Student Options
21 & 22 Aug 2019: Timetable Development
23 Aug 2019: 
Daily Organiser