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24 August 2017
Timetabling Solutions has partnered with ClassCover to give our clients instant access to the profiles of thousands of relief teachers that can all be booked directly!
4 August 2017
Timetabling Solutions Brisbane Office Location Information (updated 18/12/2018)
11 January 2016
V9: How to Configure General Access

Client Support Centre

Client Support Centre
The Knowledge Base contains information relating to installation issues and trouble shooting for Timetabling Solutions Version 9 and The Timetabler Version 8.  Type "V9" or "V8" to view all trouble shooting articles.

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Saxons Training Facility
L11 300 Adelaide St Brisbane
28 May 2019: Student Options
29 & 30 May 2019: Timetable Development
31 May 2019: 
Daily Organiser
ETC Training Facility
L5 38 Gawler Pl Adelaide
4 Jun 2019: Student Options
5 & 6 Jun 2019: Timetable Development
7 Jun 2019: 
Daily Organiser