Timetabling Solutions V9

Timetabling Solutions V9
Version 9 is a sophisticated software program for constructing, managing and publishing your timetable.  It is developed and supported by professional timetablers and used by over 60% of independent schools within Australia.

The program is designed in modular format to enable schools to tailor the installation and use of the program to suit their needs.  Different modules make it easier for the user to see the logic behind the timetabling process. 


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Saxons Training Facility
L11 300 Adelaide St Brisbane
28 May 2019: Student Options
29 & 30 May 2019: Timetable Development
31 May 2019: 
Daily Organiser
ETC Training Facility
L5 38 Gawler Pl Adelaide
4 Jun 2019: Student Options
5 & 6 Jun 2019: Timetable Development
7 Jun 2019: 
Daily Organiser