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We offer a range of public, instructor-led courses in several locations across Australia. At Timetabling Solutions Training Courses, the emphasis is on hands-on learning. Each Training Course includes a comprehensive training manual with sample data. Course materials are enhanced and updated on a regular basis and correspond with the current product version. Our Training centres provide one computer per participant with viewing screen between participants.

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Timetabling Solutions Version 9

Timetabling Concepts Course

A 1 day theory based course that introduces participants to the principles of timetabling and analyses typical curriculum models used in schools

No experience in timetabling is assumed

The course is appropriate for:

Principals, Deputies, Business Managers, Directors of Study, Curriculum Coordinators, Leading Teachers, Self Taught Timetablers and Future Timetablers

Timetabling Courses

Secondary Schools:  A 3 day course covering the use of the Student Options and Timetable Development modules

Student Options is covered on day one and Timetable Development is covered on days two and three. The modules can be attended separately if preferred

Primary Schools: A 2 day course covering the use of the Student Options Timetable Development and Daily Organser modules

The course is suitable for new and experienced users

Daily Organiser

A 1 day course designed to cater for all those responsible for the daily organisation in their school, newcomers and seasoned veterans

Manage replacements for teacher absences, use of faculties when deciding replacements, yard duty, unavailable teachers, over and under allotted teachers, in lieu of classes, cancelled classes, excursions, exam supervision, short term replacements, bulletins and changes to class lists as a result of excursions

No previous software experience in daily organisation is assumed

Web Preferences Manager

1 Day Fast Track Workshop

A 1 day private session with a consultant where we setup Web Preferences Manager with you using your data and school's curriculum rules

This consultation is designed for those who are responsible for student subject selections. Knowledge of timetabling is not required

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