Timetabling Solutions

We started Timetabling Solutions because we believed there had to be a better way. After 30 years we now serve over 1100 schools.

For all the changes over those 30 years our product and philosophy have remained the same. Using the same software our clients purchase for our professional timetabling services continues to be an effective cornerstone for solving many of the biggest challenges in software projects today. The passion that drove us to create our timetabling software is the same passion that fuels our desire to expand and improve upon it.

We have built an amazing team and the way we work creates a balance that allows for exciting growth yet efficient, friendly and professional service.

Over 30 years experience in providing timetabling services

Timetabling Solutions was established in 1984 to provide professional services and specialised timetabling software solutions to schools.

Our team is made up of 33 specialist staff

Our team is made up of timetabling consultants, trainers and software developers with extensive experience in school timetabling. They understand the market and their clients, backed by sophisticated, professional and thorough processes.

Over 1100 schools depend on our software

Over 60% of independent schools in Australia use our timetabling software exclusively.

Our software is also used by schools in New Zealand, China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and more.

Key People

Michael Treacy

Director (1984)

Paul Wood

Chairman (1986)

Dennis Treacy

Director (1995)

Carolyn Hanson

Client Services Manager (1993)

Katrina Watts

Timetabling Product Manager & Consultant (1999)

Nicole Stevenson

Timetabling Consultant (2000)

Michael Wood

General Manager (2001)

Philip Crosbie

Bookkeeper (2004)

Neil McLeish

Systems Administrator (2004)

Daniel Morrissey

Senior Software Developer (2004)

Nicole Burns

Timetabling Consultant (2005)

Paul Thompson

WPM Product Manager - Technical & Client Services (2005)

Garry Daly

DO PRODUCT MANAGER & National Trainer (2006)

Andrew Lunt

National Trainer (2006)

Peter Crowe

National Trainer (2007)

Carol Bradford

Office Manager (2008)

Matthew McGucken

National Trainer (2010)

Bianca Wood

Administration Assistant (2010)

Sarah Burns

Client Services (2011)

Denise Heaps

Timetabling Consultant (2011)

Mohammad Farshidmehr

Developer Programmer (2011)

Glenda Daly

Administration Assistant (2012)

Harry Lenehan

Senior Software Developer (2016)

Stephen Eisenhuth

National Trainer (2016)

Jordan Lunt

Client Services (2016)

Liam Pearce

Associate Director - Software (2017)

Mark Kong

National Trainer (2017)

Letitia Lucas

Timetabler (2018)

Megan Ball

Timetabler (2020)

Matthew Bradford


Connie Leighton

Developer (2021)

Thiran Ramadas

Cloud Administrator 2021

Ishan Sethi

Developer (2021)

Kallie McDonough


Ashu Shulka

Developer (2021)

Career Opportunities

With great products and great people behind them, we are always looking for passionate, professional, and hardworking timetablers who truly enjoy coming to work and doing what they love. Sounds like you? We’d love to chat regardless of whether we have an advertised position.

At Timetabling Solutions you'll be putting your problem solving skills and passion for timetabling to use everyday. You’ll work within a team that builds world-class software products and applications in a fast-paced professional environment, 38 hours per week, Monday to Friday.

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We play nicely with others

Options for exchanging data include SIF, LISS, and customised export files in CSV, XLSX, TXT and XML format.

Timetabling Solutions is Australia's most widely used platform for timetable management.
Used by more than 1100 schools across the globe.

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