Course Information

In 2019 we are running the Timetabling Concepts Course, the Timetabling Primary Course, the Overview Course and the Daily Organiser Course.

All Primary, Overview and Daily Organiser Training Courses use our latest software version. Course materials are enhanced and updated on a regular basis.

Training courses are run by Timetabling Solutions Trainers who all have a background working and timetabling in schools. Our Trainers also construct timetables year round for schools with all different types of structures and curriculum requirements.

All training materials and catering are supplied at each course. Courses run from 9.00 am - 4.00 pm each day.


Timetabling Concepts


This one day instructor led course introduces participants to the principles of timetabling and analyses typical curriculum models used in secondary schools. No experience in timetabling is assumed.  Note: This course is designed as a theory based course incorporating discussion and a hands on activity. No computers or software is used in this course.

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Overview Course & Daily Organiser  


The Overview Course covers the use of the Student Options and Timetable Development modules of The Timetabler. Student Options is covered on day one and Timetable Development is covered on days two and three. Participants will gain the most benefit from attending the three days consecutively to see the whole timetabling process. However the modules can be attended separately if preferred.

The Daily Organiser Course usually runs on the day following the Overview course and may also be attended separately or consecutively with the Overview Course.


  • Overview Student Options Module (Day One)


This one day instructor led module of the Overview Course is designed for new Timetablers who have some experience in timetabling and require an overview of how student elective subjects (options) are managed, using The Timetabler V8 (or above). The course illustrates how student core and elective lines are managed within the Roll Class concept developed by Timetabling Solutions. Participants will use our prepared data to develop the knowledge base and skills essential to creating the grid lines. This course covers the essential knowledge and skills needed for the Advanced Courses.

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  • Overview Timetable Development Module (Days Two & Three)


This two day instructor led module of the Overview Course is designed for new users and those who have some experience in timetabling and require a secondary school overview of how classes, rooms and teachers are put together in a clash free timetable according to curriculum and school constraints using the latest in specialist timetabling software, The Timetabler V9 (or above).

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  • Daily Organiser


This one day instructor led course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff responsible for daily organisation.  Topics covered include: how to manage replacements for teacher absences, use of faculties when deciding replacements, yard duty, unavailable teachers, over and under allotted teachers, in lieu of classes, cancelled classes, excursions, exam supervision, short term replacements, bulletins and changes to class lists as a result of excursions.

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2019 Timetabling Primary Course

This two day instructor led course is designed to cover the use of our software to timetable and organise primary schools. With the emphasis on constructing and managing a primary timetable, the Student Options, Timetable Development and Daily Organiser modules are covered in this two day course.