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24 August 2017
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4 August 2017
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11 January 2016
V9: How to Configure General Access



V9: How to Configure General Access

Monday, January 11, 2016
General Access for V9 is currently under development. Version 8.1 General Access works with Version 9.

How to Configure General Access
V8.1 GA works with V9

1.       Must be on an update or greater.  Welcome Page click check for updates

2.       Welcome Page, Configure File Locations, second tab Published File Locations

                - set all three locations
                - click Update General Access and Create Desktop Shortcut
  (note:  if this button is greyed out, close the Configure screen and re-open)
                - click OK

3.       Timetable Development Module, open your Timetable file
                - Timetable Development home page click Publish Timetable
                - Top left of the Supplementary Task click Publish Timetable
                - Set a date for the timetable to start, include a comment if you wish and click OK

4.       Daily Organiser Module, open your Daily Organiser file
                - click General Access and click OK

5.       Browse to your desktop short cut for General Access, double click to open 

More Information:  

Daily Organiser V9 - Configure.pdf (PDF 1 MB)

Published files are a new feature in Version 9.  If Daily Organiser and/or General Access are to be used, then the timetable must be published.  Publishing the timetable is the only way to make the timetable information available to be used in Daily Organiser and/or General Access.  As changes are made during the year the timetabler needs to publish new files so that these changes are reflected in the other modules.  It is important to note that when each file is published, the timetabler sets a start date for the file – this means that a timetabler can set up and publish changes to the timetable in advance.  The Daily Organiser Module and General Access Module will automatically read the correct published file each time the modules are opened. It is important that the people who use the Student Options, Timetable Development and Daily Organiser modules have their file locations configured correctly to make this process seamless.

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