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Compare Features


Manage Account
   Same as
we do the
work for you
Create a new password    Green tick.jpg
Single Sign On (SAML, OpenID, Simple SSO)
   Green tick.jpg
Manage Users    
Create additional user accounts with restricted access
   Green tick.jpg
Submit preferences on behalf of a student    Green tick.jpg
Student Groups
Create multiple student groups  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Upload my school logo   Green tick.jpg
Upload my school header    Green tick.jpg
Control the maximum number of units for the entire student group  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Create opening and closing messages for students  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Control the number of submission opportunities for each student  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Copy a student group for rolling over for the new year
  Green tick.jpg
Ability for the Manager to override a student's selections and ignore subject rules   Green tick.jpg
Parents and students have the option to electronically sign receipts   Green tick.jpg 
Data Management  
Import/Export Student Options files  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Import/Export Microsoft Excel files   Green tick.jpg
Import completed subjects for each student   Green tick.jpg
View subject descriptions  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
View ineligible subjects   Green tick.jpg
View completed subjects   Green tick.jpg
Make individual students online/offline   Green tick.jpg
Edit maximum unit cutoff for individual students   Green tick.jpg
Add/edit students  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Create Student Access Guides  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Mass email Student Access Guides   Green tick.jpg
Allow students to reorder preferences before submitting   Green tick.jpg
Restrict the selection of a subject for an individual student   Green tick.jpg
Display unit values  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Display subject values  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Add a prerequisite rule   Green tick.jpg
Add a restriction rule   Green tick.jpg
Add a corequisite rule   Green tick.jpg
Add a subject area rule
  Green tick.jpg
Exclude reserves from corequisite and restriction rule processing   Green tick.jpg
Add/edit subjects  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Set a cap for the selection of a subject with the option of a wait list
  Green tick.jpg
Edit messages associated with subject rules in the Student Portal   Green tick.jpg
Preference Groups    
Create a preference group  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg
Create multiple preference groups   Green tick.jpg
Edit the minimum number of preferences required   Green tick.jpg
Edit the maximum number of preferences required   Green tick.jpg
Green tick.jpg
Pre-populate a subject as a preference for all students in the student portal
  Green tick.jpg
Create study streams for different courses of study within one year level   Green tick.jpg
Create reserves within each preference group   Green tick.jpg
Prepopulate a subject in the student portal   Green tick.jpg 
Reorder preferences within the preference group prior to final submission   Green tick.jpg
Selection Process    
View the status of each student and their preferences  Green tick.jpg
Green tick.jpg
View how many students have chosen a particular subject   Green tick.jpg
Schedule a task to make the group online/offline   Green tick.jpg
Schedule a task that sends reminder emails to those yet to submit
  Green tick.jpg
Have reports emailed daily/weekly   Green tick.jpg
Allow students to enter free form text answers to questions 
  Green tick.jpg 
Yes/No checkbox for text entry questions
  Green tick.jpg
Electronic student and parent/guardian signature   Green tick.jpg 
Allow the Manager to override a students submission
  Green tick.jpg
Voting Manager    
Set up student/staff elections 
   Green tick.jpg
Set up either Full Preferential or First Past The Post voting
   Green tick.jpg
Set the minimum and maximum number of candidates a voter must select
   Green tick.jpg
Set multiple voting attempts for each voter
   Green tick.jpg
Check if a voter has voted
   Green tick.jpg
Weight a voter's vote
   Green tick.jpg
Bulk edit voters to become candidates
   Green tick.jpg
Candidates can create and edit own profile, including video/photo
   Green tick.jpg
Candidate profile to be approved before being displayed in the Voting Portal
   Green tick.jpg
Limit voting for a candidate to only one Election Category
   Green tick.jpg
Set a gender candidate quota requirement    Green tick.jpg
View the percentage of total votes counted for an Election Group     Green tick.jpg
View the vote breakdown including all submitted votes and voter's gender
   Green tick.jpg  
Cost (prices current until 31 December 2019) Included
with SMA
+GST for
first 12
+GST p.a.
to renew
$619 +
GST per
student group







Web Preferences Service

AUD$619 per Student Group - we do the work for you.  Students can select from multiple preference groups with advanced curriculum rules applied.



Web Preferences Lite edition
(fully hosted, no software for you to install or maintain)

Free access while on SMA. Schools can now access the Lite edition of the application directly which replaces the previous system of sending your *.wpi files to us.

Students select from a single preference group, maximum units/subjects can be controlled, schools can create as many student groups as they require.

Enter your SMA login details to retrieve Your Web Preferences Lite Login Details