Timetabling Solutions is the premier source for timetabling services worldwide. 

We can analyse your school's requirements and recommend a curriculum model.  We can analyse your current timetable and make recommendations as to how to achieve more constraints or use the functions of the program differently to improve your timetable.

We have many clients with more than 1,000 students who have their timetable constructed by our consultants in 5 days, 9am to 4pm.  Many schools bring their partly completed timetables and work with a consultant to finish the construction of their timetable.  This service maximises the skill of the consultant with the knowledge and decision making abilities of the client to achieve a great timetable in the minimum of time.

Consultations at our office or at your school are available on any timetabling matter.

Estimate of Time

To construct a usable, clash free draft timetable starting from a clean sheet with firm data entered, checked and ready to timetable is two days plus one day per 200 students. [e.g. Five days, 9am to 4pm, for a school of 600 students.]  This estimate of time assumes the school's representative is working with us.  Each day this cannot occur will increase the estimate by an extra day. 

  • If student grid lines for options or elective subjects need creating or recreating, then add approximately one day per year level.

Number of Students

Timetable Construction -
Consultation Mode

(Allow extra time if data is not entered and checked)
(Allow extra time for part-time teacher constraints)
(Allow an extra day per band if banding is used)

(Allow an extra day per year level to create student grids)

up to  200 students

allow 3 days

up to  400 students

allow 4 days

up to  600 students

allow 5 days

up to  800 students

allow 6 days

up to 1000 students

allow 7 days

up to 1200 students

allow 8 days

up to 1400 students

allow 9 days

up to 1600 students

allow 10 days


Obviously, if the school changes a constraint or the data after commencement, allow extra time to reset the parameters and rework the construction.


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